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The Naomi Streicher Team at Q Home Sales, believes that when you buy or sell a home, in any price range, the dedication of an experienced real estate agent who knows the different communities and areas to help you find the home of your dreams, makes the experience of home-buying or selling a smooth transaction.

Meet the Team!

Naomi Streicher

Naomi Streicher is known as 4-1-1 to many. When it comes to real estate, Naomi is knowledgeable in every aspect of real estate and has a phone number for anything needed such as lawyers, clean out services, exterminators, and even babysitters. Her attention to detail gives her the edge on others as she is tuned into the local market. She is a creator of neighborhoods, a leader in marketing homes by providing excellent service, innovative advertising and a very good negotiator. Working with Naomi, one feels confident that they made a good decision as she will advise you on every step of the transaction and be there for you, making sure everything is done on time and properly.

Bracha Malka

Bracha Malka's great personality brings fun and life into the transaction. She is hands on, and super responsive to the clients' needs. Her genuine concern for the client is evident throughout the entire process. Nothing fazes her. There is no such thing as a problem. For Bracha, it's a challenge which she will take care of. Bracha grew up in Rockland County, speaks 3 languages and has a beautiful young family. When Bracha works with a client, all we hear is, "We love Bracha". Bracha's name means "blessing" in Hebrew, which is what she brings to every sale we make!

Heather Thoms

Heather Thoms has been with Naomi Streicher since 2016. Naomi met Heather at a Soma store in the Garden State Mall which she managed, and Heather sold her everything she showed her! Naomi recognized her talent, and a relationship was formed. Today, Heather is an amazing agent with dialed in skills as she executes efficiently and gets the job done with a smile each time. Heather loves people and is so knowledgeable about areas in 3 counties making her invaluable to the team.

Rivka Ziegler

Rivka Zeigler by profession is a speech therapist which comes in handy when dealing with people. Rivka's ability to read people helps her zero in on what the client's needs are before they even know themselves, making her very valuable to each transaction. She is so dedicated and willing to go the extra mile to make the transaction go smoothly. She is detail oriented, super organized, smart and has a nice demeanor. Rivka just purchased her first home. As the other team members say, if you are going to work with Naomi, you will be buying a house!

Brittney Thoms

Brittney Thoms is the rock and the glue for the Naomi Streicher Team. Brittney is Heather's sister, and at the time, was in need for a position which allowed her to enjoy her family and work close to home. She previously worked for a large corporation and has a skillset which we needed in our office. She has great knowledge in many computer programs, ability to multitask and complete so much in so little time. She loves lists, and has taught us all how to be better agents just from her organizational skills. Everyone who meets her wants to hire someone just like her!  

Kayla Wiederman

Kayla Wiederman is Naomi Streicher's daughter and is the manager of Q Home Sales. She is an extension of Naomi, but so much more. Her personality is unusual in that she is able to takes things on as they come, yet she has balance in her life which is uncommon in the real estate world. Kayla is dedicated, smart, organized and always keeping everyone in mind at the same time. Kayla oversees everything for compliance, branding, and structure. Kayla is the "go to" person in the company and she is appreciated by all.


We want to work with you!

There is so much that goes into a real estate sale and one person alone is not good enough. We have created a team to ensure your transaction goes smoothly every step of the way.
Hiring a real estate broker to take care of your most valuable asset is not a decision you make every day. 
With our years of experience, track record, and devotion to you the client, you can be assured that we will obtain for you, the best price, give you great service, and an experience that you can tell your friends about.
It is very important that we do right by you, as we want to earn your trust and earn your future referrals.

Looking forward to working with you!

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